A New, Fresh Approach- March 2017

I’ve been in the real estate business for nearly 12 years.  I saw one of the first big Nashville booms when I first got into the business in 2005.  What a heyday.  Then came 2008- the fall of the market, the burst of the bubble.   The economy was in the tank, but the ones of us that stuck it out in the business soldiered on.  And boy did we learn a lot.  (Short Sales or Foreclosures, anyone?)  But then, in true historical cycle fashion,  the market made another turn in 2013.  Nashville very quickly became the  “It City”…and here we are- amid one of the strongest markets the area has ever seen.

A lot (and I mean A LOT) has changed about the way that real estate practitioners do business since I became a Realtor.

In 2005, as an agent, you wanted Bill Boards.  TV Spots.  Radio Ads.  Newspaper Ads. Print Advertising in all the major real estate books in the local grocery stores. Big Yard Signs.  An OK website.  A good sphere of influence campaign.  A good network.  Good grassroots marketing.  Regional and National Recognition via your brand.

Fast forward to 2017.  HELLO TECHNOLOGY.  Now, as a real estate practitioner, you want online Listing Syndication.  Social Media Presence.  Mobile applications.  Online Marketing campaigns.  Online “newspaper” ads.  Big Yard Signs.  A spectacular website.  A good sphere of influence campaign.  A good network.  Good grassroots marketing.

The truth is, if you are marketing correctly, some things never change. You still need a great brand.  You still need a great sign.  You still need a good sphere of influence campaign, a good network and good grassroots marketing.  However, technology has leveled the playing field for everyone.  Gone are the days of running an ad in the newspaper and hoping a couple of eyes would see it, with no real way to track the results.  Now, you can run ads on multiple websites that can deduce your audience to the algorithms you want, and you can track every single view.

If you have followed me in any capacity over the years, you know that I recently made a change to a brand new company.  I wanted to be part of a company that is forward thinking.  I wanted to be part of a company that is well branded and savvy.  I wanted to be part of a company where the ownership listens to not only the market, but the agents, as to what the future holds.  I wanted to be part of a company with a very successful group of fellow Realtors- those that have weathered the storms and have seen the market change, like I have, over the years.  My broker, Chip Kerr, had the intelligence and foresight to create such a firm.  Over months and months of discussion and solid preparation, we’ve cultivated what began as an idea and eventually morphed into what we believe to be the way of the future for real estate firms.

Kerr & Co. Realty’s business philosophy is simple: To provide a full service, highly professional real estate purchase or sale transaction with some of the most knowledgeable and experienced real estate sales professionals in the business.  Our Agents come prepared to be of service; armed with a wealth of real-time knowledge, experience, vendor recommendations and know-how.

I am so excited to begin this endeavour.  Take a look at our company.  We are ready to dig in and do the work.  Call me if I can be of any assistance to you!

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